There is a saying: “To make two friends with one gift”. This is it...You will have a chance to visit a gorgeous country with unique historical and natural values while you will also look younger and more handsome/beautiful when you are back home. And moreover, if required, this service package will bring you 15% discount from our touring prices released on our web pages or any further customized travel services that you may consider demanding.


Turkey hosts around 800.000 medical tourists from all around the world every year. Only in Istanbul there are around 350 hair transplant clinics, which makes competition fairly high and this reality keeps the prices lower than the other countries giving similar services.

Our package prices (without any hidden costs) are as follows:

FUE Technique    :             €1.500
DHI Technique     :             €1.700

Our prices are inclusive of 2-night accommodation at minimum 4-star hotels, arrival/departure transfers, medical tests, medication, anesthesia, PRP treatment including pre and post operative care, language assistance and certificate of guarantee. Needless to mention, we will be at your disposal during your entire stay with 24/7 support.

Our services will be provided by HAIRAVRASYA, one of the leading hair transplant specialists of Turkey, that stands out with its innovative technologies among hair transplant clinics. HAIRAVRASYA, which uses innovative hair transplant technologies like Micro FUE Sapphire and DHI within the scope of plastic surgery operations, achieves up to 100% success. 

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Hair transplant is an aesthetic field at whichTurkey has a leading position in Europe. Thus, patients from many different countries apply to the hair transplant clinics in Turkey. HAIRAVRASYA, which we utilize their services, focuses on fully patient satisfaction by combining innovative technologies and the latest surgical medicine applications in order to help patients to stop their hair loss.

Hair Transplant Services

Hair transplant service is preferred by men, but also it is preferred by women in certain situations. Hair transplant treatment is a solution that meets different needs and expectations. It is applied in order to implant hair where hair follicles are completely dead to make hair density higher and to treat the areas where there is ringworm.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Successful hair transplant methods can be listed as follows:

Hair Transplant with FUE

FUE stands out as one of the most preferred methods of hair transplant. This technique, “Follicular Unit Extraction”, is based on the transfer of hair follicles from one region to the other. Since local anesthesia is used during FUE, this is a painless process for the patient.

Hair Transplant with FUE Sapphire

Sapphire FUE, an innovative method of hair transplant, has been designed to carry out hair loss treatment with higher potential in micro areas. In this way, it is aimed to increase the density by making micro level optimizations in the area where the hair follicles will be implanted. In the same way, the healing of the hair transplant area will be faster.

Hair Transplant with DHI

The DHI method, also known as direct hair transplant or pen technique, is a hair transplant method in which the process is performed faster with a medical pen. The hair follicles collected under the DHI hair transplant method are implanted into the scalp rapidly. The tip of the pen opens incision and the grafts are transplanted.

Hair Transplant with Lateral Slit

The Lateral Slit Hair Transplant method is based on the individual creation of the channels to be opened in the patient’s skin. This method, which is highly efficient especially for thin skin patients, stands out as one of the ideal methods for patients.

Hair Transplant with Percutaneous

Percutaneous Hair Transplant is a very effective method since the hair follicle to be implanted into each channel to be opened with a needle in the scalp is opened accordingly to the patient. This method is applied in a limited number of clinics in Turkey; recovery time is quite fast and is almost no possible side effects.

Concerns about hair transplant services

Patients ask many questions about hair transplant. Among these, hair transplant methods, hair restoration side effects, and the things that need to be considered while making the operation are the headlines. Frequently asked questions of patients planning to have hair transplant are as follows:

The hair transplant is done by whom?

Hair transplant is performed by specialist physicians. In the process of hair transplant, our specialist physicians in the field of plastic surgery perform the hair transplant operation considering all the sensitivities of our patients.

What should be paid attention when hair transplant?

There are many factors that patients should pay attention to during hair transplant process. Among these, the patient should be high sensitivity to the area where hair fall treatment is performed. The patient should pay particular attention to the hygiene criteria, since there is a possibility of infection after plastic surgery. In addition, after the operation, you should carry out the washing procedures in accordance with the instructions of your doctor in order to remove the medicines applied to the skin.

Does the risk of infection increase after hair transplant?

Since hair restoration is a medical aesthetic operation, there is a risk of infection in the scalp. Accordingly, patients who undergo surgery should follow the instructions and recommendations of their physician for the risk of hair transplant infection.

In which city should hair transplant be performed?

One of the most frequently asked questions of the patients is in which city hair transplant will be performed. Especially hair transplant in Istanbul is very suitable for patients. It can be said that patients who search for hair transplant in Ankara also prefer Istanbul.;

Why should I book though PARASOL TOURS?

With more than 25-year experience on tourism sector, we are collaborating with another respected brand, HAIRAVRASYA, which is one of the clinics with the highest patient satisfaction with its unique approaches in the field of hair loss cure. Likewise, HAIRAVRASYA is one of the most suitable addresses for patients who want to get fast and effective results with innovative medical practices and approaches. Other factors for choosing HAIRAVRASYA are as follows:

HAIRAVRASYA Innovative Hair Transplant Technologies

The field of hair transplant is one of the fastest changing sectors in terms of medical aesthetic technologies. In this respect, HAIRAVRASYA closely follows innovative technologies and shows high level of sensitivity in providing the most technological solutions to its patients who has hair loss and who wants his/her hair to grow.

Satisfied Patient History

Another reason for choosing HAIRAVRASYA is that it has achieved a positive return and satisfaction rate of up to 100% in the patients it provides hair regrowth services. Therefore, the positive comments of the patients served before, is the most important guarantee concerning the quality hair transplant service that will be provided in the future.

Specialist Staff

HAIRAVRASYA, with its expert staff, has been operating with more than 10 years of experience in hair transplant. Therefore, our clinic provides all the necessary facilities for a high level of service to its patients. Our expert staff is ready to stop your alopecia and to start your hair growth.

Innovative approaches that efficiency is proven

HAIRAVRASYA closely follows innovative approaches to hair transplant and is the leader of hair replacement trends in Turkey. In this respect, HAIRAVRASYA is committed to providing the most innovative solutions to the patients with the most competitive rates.


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